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Watch our weekly live streams with the top community members

Live Streams

CNOE Series Episode 2 - idpbuilder Deep Dive

Carlos Santana, AWS

Streamed - Watch Now

CNCF Platform WG: Platform-as-a-Product

Dominik Kress, Giant Swarm

Streamed - Watch Now

Adobe's Developer Experience Journey

Srinivas Peri, Adobe

Streamed - Watch Now

Streamed - Watch Now

The Journey to Crafting the Perfect Platform

Guillermo Vigil Rodríguez, BVNK

Streamed - Watch Now

Golden Paths Through The Dev Lifecycle

Matar Peles, Port

Streamed - Watch Now

CNCF Annual Report Read Along

Anaïs Urlichs, Aqua Security

Annie Talvasto, VSHN

Whitney Lee, Tanzu

Upcoming - May 21th

Cloud Development Environments

Tao Hansen, Lego

Upcoming - May 24th

Kubernetes Contribution Experience

Kaslin Fields, Google

Upcoming - June 4th

Platform Engineering Playbook

George Peter Hantzaras, MongoDB

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