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Join the Platformers' OPA on AWS Working Group to take part in this exciting open-source project that's already been adopted by IDP builders from the world's top financial institutions. 

Platform Working Group

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Built with ❤️ at AWS.
Embraced with Enthusiasm 🤗 by The Platformers Community.

What is OPA on AWS?

Orchestrate Platforms and Applications (OPA) on AWS is an open source reference implementation for an enterprise-grade, fully integrated Internal Developer Platform (IDP).


Built on top of Backstage with hyper-specialized cloud expertise baked-in, the platform enables developers to efficiently and securely create AWS resources in just a few clicks.

Extendable & Customizable

Designed to be extended and customized for every platform
and application use-case.

Batterires Included

Dozens of ready-to-use customizable AWS templates and plugins out-of-the-box.. 

Enterprise Ready

Built from the first commit for large enterprises to support their security
and scale requirements. 

Powered by Backstage

Built on top of Backstage - a top CNCF project backed by thousands of community members.

Expected Outcomes


More code commits


Less time to production 


Increase in dev velocity

WG Slack Channel

Join the official Platformers OPA on AWS Working Group to take part in the discussions and initiatives around the project.

Monthly Meetings 

Meet up virtually with the community and working group to stay on top of the project roadmap, discover nearby Platform Engineering events, speak to the maintainers, etc. 


Read the f*ing manual folks! The good people behind OPA on AWS have provided extensive documentation from how to get started to customizing your own templates 

Video Tutorials        

Deep dive into the OPA on AWS educational playlist on Youtube. Learn from the original builders that created the project at AWS. 

How to Contribute

Are you ready to take on a more active role in the project? Want to leave your mark and become a legend? Please be sure to read the contribution guide before you commit. 

Let's Start Building Together!

Join fellow Platformers, who are also excited about the potential of OPA on AWS, to discuss and collaborate on extending and growing the project together..​

  • GitHub
  • Slack
  • YouTube
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